by Kathryn Briggs

The Elevator Pitch

The desk of champions

Here’s my book in under a minute…

This graphic novel is an investigation of story itself: Story is told and expressed in a variety of ways; often the archetypes of story fall into similar archetypes of format.  The classic Hero story arch, as outlined in Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”, has been reinvented and re-expressed in the modern context as superhero stories and their medium, the comic book. My graphic novel uses the Hero story as its backbone, but rather than a single, masculine Hero, my self portrait cycles through eight female characters from myth and fairy tale as it explores questions of what it means to be a woman. Interspersed with my original script are excerpted works by women authors classic and contemporary to support to the image and as points of reference to the “feminine” experience.

Little Red Riding Hood, Lilith, Mono no ke, Persephone, Brigid, Amaterasu, The Little Mermaid, Venus, Dorothy Gale, and me.

ps – Speaking of contemporary women writers, two of my dear friends wrote original pieces for this project: Courtney Gillette & Mary Benson.  I’m grateful for this chance to collaborate with them!


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